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            Your Natural Gas Provider in the Peace Region
            Trenching Services - Materials & Gas Fittings
            Gas Line Repairs

            • Birch Hills Gas Co-op

            • A Peace Country Natural Gas Provider

            • Gas Line Trenching

            • Waterline Trenching

            • Powerline Trenching

            • Natural Gas Pipe Supplier

            • Natural Gas Fittings Supplier

            • Natural Gas Materials Supplier

            • Birch Hills County Natural Gas

            • Gas line Trenching Northern Alberta

            • Natural Gas Line Repairs

            • Natural Gas Services

            • Gas Co-ops Northern Alberta

            • Northern Alberta Natural Gas Providers

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            Please help us plan for your future Gas Needs.
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            Gas service Installations

            Our Services
            Birch Hills County
            Peace River Region
            Northern Alberta

            Birch Hills Gas Trenching

            Gas Line trenching
            Underground power trenching
            Waterline trenching
            Serving Northern Alberta

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            (24 Hr. Emergency Line)

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            Peace River Region Natural Gas pipe and tie-in fittings

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            Birch Hills Gas Co-op is a member of:

            A member-owner of The Co-operators Group.

            For over 50 years, Alberta’s natural gas utilities like Birch Hills Gas Co-op Ltd. have been helping build rural communities.

            We built something special here. Farmers. Volunteers. Community leaders. We all worked together to bring natural gas service to our neighbours.

            That hard work is now 120,000 members strong, with 82 utilities in the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. network. Co-operatives, counties, towns, villages and First Nations all co-operating on building Alberta’s rural areas through community-owned gas utilities, all owned by the very people they serve.

            As a member of your local gas utility, you have a voice. In gas co-ops, have your say in Annual General Meetings or join the Utility Board and shape the future. Customers of municipal and First Nations gas utilities have a voice through their local council. This is your gas utility, your say in how natural gas is helping to grow your community.

            (Download Printable Info PDF)

            Click below for:

            About Birch Hills Gas Co-op Ltd.

            Board of Directors
            Zone 1 Derek Dreger (Woking Area)
            Zone 2 Ken Hansen  (Kakut Lake)
            Zone 3 Reg Toews (Heart Valley)
            Zone 4 Joan Coy (Belloy/Wanham)
            Zone 5 Craig Konshak (Wanham)
            Zone 6 Warren Smith (Eaglesham Area)
            Zone 7 Maurice Lemay ( Tangent)

            Board Chairman Maurice Lemay
            Vice Chair Derek Dreger
            Secretary Joan Coy
            Treasurer Fred Howard

            Manager Fred Howard
            Office Staff Susan Larson, Connie Hansen
            Field Staff Paul Reum, Earl Blois

            Area of service (PDF Map)

            Member Program
            With the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd.

            Group benefit plans underwritten by Co-operators Life Insurance Company. *Travel insurance is underwritten by CUMIS General Insurance Company, a member of The Co-operators group of companies, and administered by Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance is a registered business name of AZGA Service Canada Inc. and AZGA Insurance Agency Canada Ltd. **Only in provinces where EFT Plan service fees apply and when policies are paid through pre-authorized monthly installments. †Personal and corporate trust services are provided through Concentra Trust, a wholly owned subsidiary of Concentra Financial. This program and support for it, is only available in English.

            For more info, visit us online at
            • Enhanced Farm and Home coverage
            • Farm and Home member benefits
            program discount
            • Assistance for estate trustees:
            Executor EASE†
            • Discounted Travel* insurance
            • Auto Insurance – Electronic Funds Transfer
            (EFT) Plan service fee waived**

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